Our culture

What makes us different!

An "outstanding" nursery needs outstanding staff. I have owned and managed Ashby Castle Day Nursery and Pre-Preparatory School since opening in 1994.

My husband, David, is my greatest supporter and leads our administrative team with flair, gravitas and good humour! As founder, I lead the curriculum and care program and work with a team of dedicated professionals, many of whom are graduates or have high level managerial qualifications.

Our standards are very high. We want our nursery to be exceptional and our managers respect this unreservedly. They work tirelessly to ensure our staff are trained in current philosophies and pedagogy and a curriculum which is inspirational for the children.

Retention of staff is fundamental to our reputation, and many of the team have been at the nursery in excess of 10 years and, in some cases 20!

The recognition that 50% of a child's intelligence is developed by the age of four has led us to formulate a sophisticated programme of teaching and learning. Competent, well-trained staff deliver age-appropriate experiences, underpinned by knowledge of child development. We set learning goals, which are designed to promote intelligence and learning through engagement in appropriate activities.

Learning and development is monitored carefully and informs individualised "next steps" and challenges to ensure each child achieves their personal best.

To take their place in our ever changing, diverse society our children need to be encouraged to have perseverance, a well-rounded sense of self, an awareness of responsible citizenship, and a thirst for learning and knowledge acquisition.

We offer transparency. We love to work in partnership with the children's parents. We engage in a consultative approach and value this unique relationship.

At Ashby Castle Day Nursery and Pre-Preparatory School, the learning environment, high quality resources, calibre of the staff and insightful leadership, are all are synonymous with exceedingly high expectations and reflect our core belief of giving children the very best educational platform.

Since 1994 the nursery has been awarded the grade of 'Outstanding' continuously by Ofsted, which is quite an achievement and we want it to continue.

Our nursery thrives because we put the children at the heart of all we do. Our environment indoors and out is fantastic. The layout, design elements and attention to detail ensure a feeling of well-being and reinvestment is evident.

Please come and meet us – I'm confident you'll be impressed.

Gail and David, Ashby Castle Day Nursery

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.

- Benjamin Franklin