Why a parent portal?

Consistent with our approach to transparency and developing our 'partnership with parents', we keep parents informed about their child's education and care, including the wider aspects such as development, socialisation, cultural capital and collaborative teaching.

We understand the importance of continuous communication with parents. In view of this, we are trialling the use of 'Parenta' now. This is a specialist software program that is specific to day nurseries, as a platform for an extension of our present communications with parents. If this proves successful, we will advise parents regarding its capabilities and launch.

Access is secure and once your child joins Ashby Castle Day Nursery or the Pre-Preparatory School, you'll receive your log in details.

Our practitioners have access to a range of technology in each group room to send texts, photo images, newsletters, reports and planning documentation to foster home/nursery links. Please refer to our privacy policy for any details on data capture.

Parent Portal