Coronavirus - COVID-19

Dear Parents,


The following temporary changes are being made to try to protect the children and staff from cross infection. They may appear draconian but please know we are doing our best to think ahead and do all we can.


  • Pre prep and the main nursery are to now operate separately. Staff and children are not to enter each other's area.

               The reason for this is that if the virus was to hit one of the buildings and the Department of Education tell us to close, even for a short time, we can at least operate, albeit not ideal, in the other building.

                There will be exceptions, of course, but these cross overs will need to authorised.


  • Parents to wait at group room door for their children to be handed over to them and not enter the group rooms.



  • Staff rooms are out of bounds as these are areas where staff gather and are in close proximity to each other. This is to try to minimise cross infection.


  • No toys are to be shared between rooms.


  • Staff are being encouraged to use the telephone system and not visit group rooms or the office.


  • Hygiene checks, using aprons, gloves and mask are to be made each morning by the designated managers.


  • Parents not allowed past the pre prep foyer. A bell has been fitted which can be rung to gain attention and children will be sent out to parents.


  • Visits off site discontinued. Unless it's for a walk or for time in the fresh fresh air. If using the park take antibacterial wipes.


  • No taxis to be used at present for visits to Dumbles. These could be being used by ill people visiting the doctors surgeries/hospitals.


  • No group meetings - we will be using conference call facilities. All evening meeting and open days are cancelled until further notice.


  • Kimbles sessions are cancelled for the next few weeks as resources are used which we cannot be assured are clean to our standards and the leader of the group would not only move between rooms in our setting but visits other nurseries and leisure centres offering Kimbles.

               Soccer Tots to continue to be held outside.


  • Show rounds/visits to be discontinued at the present time.


  • Clearly our previous guidelines are still to be followed such as using hand gel on arrival etc.


  • Any parent in a front line profession who is required to work extra sessions at this time is assured that we can support your child care needs at the nursery. Please contact us for help.


Personally, I'm working remotely at this time as I have Lyme Disease which puts me in a very vulnerable category. I've visited the doctor yesterday for blood tests and will keep you updated. I am constantly in contact with the nursery and am planning and responding to all guidelines re the virus. Please be assured my emphasis is on ensuring strategies are in place to protect the nursery community.


Kind regards