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Due to circumstances beyond our control, we will remain closed until further notice. We wish all our staff, children and parents all the very best as we enter these very uncertain times. We will be back as soon as the situation passes, bolder, more determinted to be excellent and ready to embrace a new future. 

Here at Ashby Castle Day Nursery and Pre-Preparatory School it's business as usual!

Our children are happy and settled and unaware of the turmoil out i the big wide world at the moment. I believe we are doing a fantastic job of keeping our children and staff safe. 

We want to stay open - we feel our children deserve the comfort of routine and we want to support parents in their endeavours to work and provide for their family. 

Dear Parents,

Update after yesterday's government guidelines.

As I'm sure you appreciate we are doing all we can to protect the children and staff in the fight against the coronavirus. Evidence leads us to believe children contract a less severe form but that they are carriers of the disease. Also this is a virus we know little about and therefore we cannot be certain regarding mutation, effects, incubation periods. We know we can't stop the spread - at the nursery we are trying to ensure that we can stay open and offer care to our children until instructed otherwise.

We are implementing the following with immediate effect:

Please do not send child/children to nursery if they have a temperature of 37.8 or above. If a child develops a high temperature whilst in our care we will contact you immediately for you to organise your child to be collected. We will desist from our practice of giving children Calpol, with your permission, as this could mask underlying conditions. We will keep children comforted and with a cold compress until your arrival. We will have Calpol available for you to give to your child so they are comfortable for the journey home. You will need to follow the advice of medical professionals when your child is in your care. We would urge you to act in the best interest of the wider public at this time with regard to quarantine.

Please do not send your child to nursery with a persistent or new cough. Again we are not in a position to give medical advice, you must act on the advice of a medical professional.

Colds are abounding at the nursery! It is part of nursery life. Therefore I believe children displaying only a runny nose, without the other symptoms above, are welcome to attend.

We are charting unknown territory at this time and I believe we are in for a rocky journey over the coming weeks. We are a community at the nursery and must support each other to face the challenges which lie ahead and work towards the common goal of minimising the effects of this pandemic.

I am available to contact by direct email - should you wish a personalised response to your concerns.

Please note from today all recent letters and current information and updates will be available on our website.