Pre Prep Graduation

The academic year 2021/2022 has been another busy year for us. Covid, which is becoming a distant memory posed challenges - particularly in the months of "pinging" which had an impact on us all. We forged on relentlessly , offering a varied and stimulating curriculum with visits, speakers, and activities to support learning.

Our range of activities is amazing and embraces regular trips and visits.

The children love the bus ride almost as much as the destination and this year the farm, zoo, pantomime all featured. The range of parents who came to talk to the children was fantastic - doctors, nurses, a vet, a member of the armed forces, an author, midwife all made learning come to life. Cooking and gardening are hugely popular and parents and grandparents who came into nursery to make chapati's were a huge hit. We are very fortunate to have our garden area and animals and Darren and Sallyann ensure everywhere looks perfect.

Im very lucky to have a great leadership team who thrives on change, diversity and progress. My special thanks to Natalie for her leadership of Pre prep and for her almost 25 years of enduring friendship. Her dedication is immense and I value her professionalism and support enormously.

My team are focussed on accelerating learning, fostering school readiness, and promoting not only academic progress but the important skills of emotional intelligence. The opportunities afforded to our Pre prep learners is of the highest quality and the progress children make is fantastic.

I am proud and honoured and fortunate to be working with some of the best educators and I'm delighted to give them each a token of my thanks. The team have drive, passion and determination; underpinned by skill, knowledge and empathy. They form excellent relationships both with the children and with you the parents. The team are aware of areas to develop, children's individual needs and through reflective practise, address these to ensure our children thrive.

I'm passionate about early years and it's importance in children's attainment moving forward. My husband David and I invest in our facilities, our staff and our resources, and the quality of our staff and the depth of their knowledge is something we are very proud of. We consistently put quality before profit and I think that is evident.

Each year I look back at what the children have achieved and how far they have all come. When they arrive at Pre prep they are little more than older toddlers and by the end of this year they are school children in the making. ....

Thank you for trusting us with educating your child, we've loved every moment

Gail Hodgson