Pre Prep Pen Pals

The green group have been communicating with a Daycare Center in Sarasota, Florida, and, as well as receiving some lovely letters, took part in a Zoom call with the children a fortnight ago. This was a fantastic experience to explore different forms of communication, and the children loved asking questions and hearing about an alligator. This morning, the Orange Group have received their first replies from a Kindergarten in Istanbul, Turkey. They received letters and bracelets, and are excited to send letters back. We have enjoyed learning about how letters are sent abroad, and had fun visiting the Post Office and weighing the letters and sticking AirMail stickers on the envelopes. The Blue Group are eagerly awaiting replies to their letters to a Pre-School in Derbyshire, and the Purple Group have written to an astronaut in Houston, Texas.
This has been such a brilliant initiative and we're only just getting started. Keep checking back for more news